Differentiate your brand and stay relevant by tracking emerging category, product and consumer trends across any region in the world.

Get up to speed with consumer movements from the trendsetters and spotters themselves. will source the most relevant professionals to investigate:

  • Lifestyle trends;
  • Fashion trends;
  • Trending Hotspots;
  • Upcoming Events;
  • Rising Websites;
  • Category Specific Trends.

Fuel your marketing strategy today!


What’s Covered in Our Research?

What macro trends are currently taking place in a given market?

What consumer segments these trends are impacting?

What brands are currently taking advantage (or falling behind) of these trends?

Visual moodboards to bring the trends to life

What the brand or agency should do about it from the mouths of the professionals

Who are the personalities, social media accounts and websites influences this trend?


The Value of Creative Professional Trend Feedback

By tapping into feedback from on the ground professionals, you are getting the most hyper-targeted, relevant and region specific insights that generic reports can’t offer.

  • Understand the actual relationship between consumer and product trends
  • Discover how brands are currently navigating the new developments
  • Build empathy and deeper understanding through moodboards and visual representations
  • Get actionable suggestions for how your brand can participate, avoid or win market share using the trends

Typical Project Timelines has cut the typical turnaround time to get market trends to 7 days.

Here is how a typical project works:

  • Kickoff via telephone to make sure we’re on the same page
  • Questionnaire signoff to get our technology and team creating the panel
  • Trends Survey is released to creatives
  • Analysis of main trends, consumer segments, and recommendations
  • Presentation of findings via skype, in-person or conference call