Optimize your ads, concepts and digital assets for maximum efficiency through professional feedback.

Professional Feedback

Testing your creative work against professionals means less wasted advertising dollars, more effective campaigns and more engagement from your consumers. has made it easy to get immediate and actionable feedback on how to strengthen your campaign or concept before investing in further creative or media budgets. It’s as easy as 1.2.3.

  1. Upload your your creative or campaign concepts.
  2. Our Technology and team will find the 30 most relevant professionals.
  3. Within 7 days, you’ll receive a report on strengths, weaknesses and actionable recommendations.
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Feedback for all Media technology will select the most relevant panel of professionals for each media type and product category. So whether you’re launching a 30 second tv commercial or new mobile app, you’ll have access to the brightest minds and tailored questionnaires for your use case.

We offer the following Sense Check products:

  • Sense Check Pre-Media
  • Sense Check TV
  • Sense Check Digital
  • Sense Check In-Store
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What’s Covered in Our Research?

Relevancy of casting, visuals, voiceovers, audio, messaging, etc.

What experience is my brand creating? What feelings are we evoking?

Looking at what is working and not working, from a creative perspective

What is the perceived messaging and what can be done to help strengthen the intended message?

How strong is the art direction, visuals, audio, acting, the set, tone, copy, navigation, big idea, etc.

Is the asset achieving its marketing and objectives? Are we reaching our intended target market?

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The Value of Creative Professional Feedback

Unlike traditional consumer research, we work with professional creative to get deeper insights, more actionable results and feedback that is based off of years of industry experience. It’s like a on-demand professional think tank focused entirely on working with you to create the best campaigns and creative assets.

  • Get the how, why and what now of research
  • External, unbiased feedback, confidentially
  • Get straight to solving the research problem
  • Actionable advice localised to target country, region or demographic
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Fully Confidential and Protected

We cater for any specific requirements of confidentiality and creative professionals are required to sign Non-Disclosure Acts.

Typically, these include:

  • Should not work for any competitor brand within the category as a whole, in any capacity whatsoever
  • Should not work for the creative agency in any capacity (if brands commission)
  • Should not work for competitor agencies (if agency commission)
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Sense Dashboard

Complimenting our rich qualitative feedback, clients can chose to include a high level dashboard with proprietary metrics including Storytelling, Purchase Intent, Viral Potential, Visuals, Copywriting, Brand Messaging.

Which other channels will this execution work well on?*Example taken from a case study.

Typical Project Timelines has cut the typical advertising test from 60 days down to 7. Here is how a typical project works:

  • Kickoff via telephone to make sure we’re on the same page
  • Questionnaire signoff to get our technology and team creating the panel
  • Survey is released to panel and results start coming in
  • Analysis of main themes, actionable suggestions and solutions
  • Presentation of findings via skype, in-person or conference call
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Questionnaires for Professionals

Our research team has created mastered the process of design questionaires specifically to elicit the best, most in-depth answers from creative professionals. Although each use case will correspond with a different set of questions, the general design is structured as follows:

  • Unaided: First impressions, identifying strengths and weaknesses, unpacking messaging and perceived target market
  • Aided: Giving creatives information on what we are trying to achieve, to get a sense how successful we are in achieving these.
  • Client Specific: Any client specific questions that are needed. Any advice for the brand?
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