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General Information
Background Information

Any relevant history of the brand. Any market and advertising background, including current brand size/performance per country.

Business Objectives

How will this research contribute to your organisation’s business objectives?

Feedback Objectives

How will this feedback be used to address a key business issue or objective (and by whom)? What are the big decisions that this feedback will assist in answering?

Central Research Questions

If you had to think of 1-3 main research questions that are at the core of the research study, what would they be?:

Creative Brief

What is the execution/campaign idea? What is the expected outcome of this advertising? How is this execution intended to differentiate the brand from others? What is the strategy around the campaign/execution? Any other critical aspects that the meta-consumers should be aware of?

Target Market

Who is the target market of this execution/campaign? (Please include as much information as possible – gender, age, race, LSM, psychographics, etc)

Communication Objectives

What is the single most important message that this advertising aims to communicate?

Other Research

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Please clarify what you are looking for at the outset, to avoid misunderstandings, i.e.

Raw Data (Transcripts)

Executive Summary (1-2 page)

Top-line Report (4-10 page)

Full Powerpoint Presentation

Initial Briefing sessions / meetings during project

Informal debriefing meeting on completion

Formal Presentation on Completion

If so, please can you share this with us?

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