AD offers 100% customizable research on categories, competitors and specific research challenges.

Competitive, Category and Market Reports

We understand that one size does not fit all and no two business problems are alike. From competitor analysis in Nigeria, category dipstick in Singapore, mood boards in Kenya or to getting advice on how to respond to market conditions in Mexico, can help:

  • Cross continent supply chain evaluation - which stores are positioning my brand the best
  • Category and competitor reviews
  • Data integration into 3rd party research
  • Access a video call with our creative proffessionals for fast feedback to unstick your creative

Flexible Data Customized For Your Need

Because was built as a digita-first research platform, we can provide research findings in formats that work best for our clients. Typical requests for data, come in the form of:

PDF report with high level findings and recommendations

Raw data for client to analyze

Excel or .CSV files


API integrations and White labeled platforms


Typical Custom Project Timelines has cut the typical turnaround time to get market trends to 10 days. Here is how a typical project works:

  • Kickoff via telephone to understand research, competitor or category challenges
  • Proposal of how our research team plans to attack the challenge
  • Questionnaire signoff to get our technology and team creating the panel
  • In-field data collection, quality control and review
  • Analysis of findings, trends, and presentation preparation
  • Presentation of findings via skype, in-person or conference call