n. the condition of sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common.

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Picture this: a concert stage, a theater hall, an audience, the musicians and the conductor. They harmonise to create unique and unconventional melodies that positively resonate with the audience. It works because each individual is specialised in their art, but brought together by the conductor’s baton. That’s our role: to bring talented voices from creative professionals together to form the most impactful set of suggestions and recommendations to help brands and agencies produce better work. Call it, the “feedback harmony”. For us, it’s a brand new way of delivering insights by engaging with talented professionals and allowing them to do what they do best. Is Good for Your:

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We all know when we come across a brand that is not speaking our language, literally and metaphorically. In an age of shrinking marketing budgets, more and more global brands are having a hard time adapting their messaging and brands to local markets. By connecting these brands with professionals on the ground around the world, allows your feedback to make an impact on how brands market in your country or city, meaning more engaging and relevant ads. Your friends and family will thank you.


We could all do with a little extra money every month. will pay professionals like you above market rates to provide your feedback, while allowing you to choose only the projects that excite you. The best part is that all projects are done digitally, meaning you can provide feedback from your tablet on the go, or on the couch at home.


The hub of creativity, ideas, and rationality. We work our brain every day as professionals, yet still need time to engage it further with a crossword puzzle or a board game. Our community says that providing feedback on new and exciting brand campaigns through our platform helps expand their thinking as professionals. Participating in a project is a way to break you out of your day-to-day work, while also improving your ability to provide feedback to your own team and colleagues.

“Good to see that the process is continually evolving and developing, and I'm stoked to finally have my own profile on your site! Great job, guys. Looking forward to more of these and the developments that come.”

Brand / Marketing Consultant

“This was a very simple and interesting experience, I thank you for the opportunity.”

UX/UI Specialist